My Big, Amazing, Jersey Wedding!

Bride & Groom: Effie & Spero
Ceremony & Reception: The Ascension Greek Orthodox Church &  The Brownstone
Invitations and Accessories: Couture Ink
Floral: Sevey’s by Hala Homsi
Photography: Mike C | Videographer: Abella Studios

Effie and Spero met through a mutual friend.  One night, they went to NYC to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and ended up walking by a caricature artist.  Effie had always wanted to get a caricature portrait done so they decided to sit down for the artist. As the artist turned the completed drawing and faced them, Spero got down on his knee. The picture was of Spero holding a ring and asking her to marry him!

Dress: Memories Bridal by Reem | Make Up: Lindsey Bader | Hair: Michelle Dejesus


Some bride Q&A…

What was your vision, style and concept for your wedding? How did you come up with the theme?

I love glitter and shiny things! So I knew I wanted silver and white; very traditional but modern.

What was the hardest and easiest part of invitation planning?

The hardest part was staying on budget! The easiest part was working with Couture ink and Robin! She worked so well with all my needs to make us a gorgeous invite!! (we did NOT tell her to say that!)

What was your guest’s reaction to the invite?

When the guests received the invites, right away I was getting calls and texts saying how beautiful they were!!


All in the Details

Wedding dresses are almost always all white but each dress manages to showcases a unique pattern, stitch, or style that is personal to the bride.  Invitations can be the same way.  White is the classic way to go but the smallest details can bring it to life.  A small gem or shimmering pearl paper gives your invitation a beautiful and elegant look.   


White is also beautiful for any other special events whether it’s a birthday or a christening, the possibilities for simple white invitations are endless. The top right invitation uses a single diamond embellishment on top of lace to give it a fancy but feminine feel. The bottom  right invitation also uses a simple diamond piece on top of a ribbon to achieve a classy look.  Our center invitation is printed vertically on a thick, shimmery paper that feels weighted and luxurious with a small gem accent placed on the flap with monogrammed initials.  We can take any elements that you like to create your perfect invitation. 

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Channeling the Golden Globes

Golden globes means another wonderful showcase of the newest trends and most glamorous looks in fashion.  For the looks this year, the style was simple and clean cut with the best looks sporting single color dresses and basic updos. Fashion trends don’t have to mean just clothes, shoes and accessories.  Here are a few looks that we were inspired by for our invitation collection!

Alicia Vikander ( and Taraji P. Henson (@TherealTaraji) both look bright and chic with their white dresses. A simple accent such as a dark bag or a whimsical pattern is enough to complete the glamorous look without taking too much focus of the actress’ faces. 

Brie Larson (@brielarson) looks stunning in this metallic dress that shows off her figure with a little bit of flair. Metallic prints on invitations also have a similar edgy  and modern look.

Cate Blanchett ( is wearing a feminine and soft dress that highlights her youthful face that never seems to age. The lacy texture is great way to break up the pink while the long length also flatters her figure.

Kirsten Dunst (@kirstendunst)  wears a very classic black dress that perfectly accentuates all the right parts of her body.  It is an elegant look that looks minimalistic and simple in the best kind of way.

Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) also wore some bold and beautiful colors.  What looks inspire you when you channel the Golden Globes? Contact us for a consultation for your event invitations.  Whether it’s metallic blue or a classic black and white, we can help you design the perfect custom invitations.

All celebrity images credits: Vogue Magazine

Time to Embrace the Cold

It’s full blown winter now! It’s time to get cozy inside and read a lot of books, watch a lot of Netflix and drink a lot of spiked hot chocolate. If you have a wedding to plan, it’s also the perfect time to get inspired by the winter colors.  Choose a bold red (red isn’t just for Christmas!) and build your theme around it.  It’s a color that just oozes class, passion, and love all in one. Red also happens to compliment white (snow), grey (sleet), silver (hail) and just about any other frigid, winter, weather colors.


Photo Credits: (clockwise) etsy,,,

You may also be planning something other than a wedding; maybe a special anniversary party or a big birthday celebration. Whatever party you dream up, we can help complete your vision by making perfectly matching invitations.  After the party is over one of the only tangible remnants remaining is the invitation.  Making it extra special could mean that people will hold onto it for years and always remember fond memories when seeing it.

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Countdown to 2016

Now that Christmas has passed, we can all relax a little bit and get ready for the New Year! A new year brings new perspectives, reflection, and new inspirations. It’s also the time of year to make some new resolutions and refresh your body and soul.

Was there someone you forgot during christmas? Is there a family member or close friend you’ve lost touch with? Now is the perfect time to send them a handwritten note showing them that you still appreciate them being a part of your life. You can even throw a New Years Party or brunch to bring everyone together!


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Do you have a wedding or event coming up in the next few months? January is also a great time to get your invitations completed and out of the way since it’s too cold to be moving out and about.


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Merry Almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and Jack Frost has gone on vacation this year but that’s nothing to complain about! The 60’s temperature makes it so much easier and more enjoyable to go holiday shopping and traveling to meet friends and family.  It’s also crunch time now to finish up holiday cards and wrapping presents. If you order by today using overnight express shipping, you can still receive your cards in time for Christmas!

Our custom holiday cards are a beautiful way to share your holiday joy with all of your loved ones whether it’s a Christmas or a New Year’s card.  You can choose to write a simple and elegant personalized note or print your favorite family picture for the year.      

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Weddings Around the World

There’s something very special and beautiful about seeing how weddings are celebrated in various different countries.  A lot of customs have long histories and significant meanings behind them including the clothing worn to the face and body painting that is done.  Each color symbolizes something different and items can be worn in a special order to bring extra happiness, health and/or future fertility to the couple. 

Here are a few weddings from around the world that can give you fresh inspiration for your own wedding.



Invitations By: Couture Ink  Photo Credits:, buzzfeed,, bridalflower


Photo Credits: Alexandra Boulat, Gerd Ludwig, Sam Abell, James Stanfield


Photo Credits:,,,


Photo Credits: decoratethetable, olamweddings, See Lizard Photography,

When creating your own wedding, you can be inspired by many of these different weddings from around the world. When you are designing your invitations, you can include a lot of the intricate designs and patterns that are representative of each culture.  

At Couture Ink, we can help you design custom invitations that perfectly compliment your wedding.  Also visit our online store to take advantage of our holiday prices! 


Winter Inspiration

It’s the holiday season! It’s probably a busy time for all whether you’re preparing to cook, packing for travel, or tidying up your house for guests.  Hopefully you’ll have a moment to take a breather and absorb the last bits of the fall weather before the temperature drops.  This weather provides the perfect atmosphere to find some wintery inspirations for invitation designs.


Featured here, is our delicate laser-cut design takes a intricate lace-like pattern and combines it with a modern, slate grey that is both bold and warm.  Our custom made wax seal finishes the look with a final elegant touch. To contrast the detailed exterior design, it is paired with simple and clean cream colored enclosures and envelopes that help accentuate the grey color.

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Traditional Elegance & Modern Romance; A British American Wedding

Bride & Groom: Stefanie & Dan
Ceremony & Reception: St. John’s Church & The Estate at Florentine Gardens
Invitations and Accessories: Couture ink
Floral: Adam Leffel Productions
Photography: Amara Photo

Stefanie & Dan got married in August 2015 at the church in Leonia, NJ where Stefanie grew up.  Stefanie is from an Italian Catholic family while Dan is British so they planned a wedding that had a mixture of both American and British traditions. Since many family and friends were traveling in from overseas, they wanted their day to be extra special and be the most fun and memorable wedding their loved ones could experience.   

Cigars: La Casa Grande

For their dress and tuxedo, the couple wanted to spare no expenses since it was a once in a lifetime event.  Stefanie is wearing an intricate lace Enzoani dress while Dan is wearing a custom Indochina tuxedo.  Dan’s jacket has their initials embroidered inside (with the date written the English way.)  Some other British highlights were the Union Jack socks worn by the groomsmen, the English Candy Bar, and the Telephone Booth Card Holder placed at the front of the reception.

Some bride Q&A…

What was the hardest part of invitation planning?

The hardest part was narrowing down guests to invite as we wanted to keep the number close to 200.

What was the easiest?

The easiest part was hiring Couture Ink from the start, Robin totally made our vision of our invite come to life, even creating a custom monogram with the exact romantic feel we wanted. She handled everything from start to delivery and we received so many compliments on how beautiful our invites here!

What were the guest’s reactions to the invite?

Everyone thought they were incredible, so classic and elegant, exactly our hope for them!

What else would you like to add?

I also do Corporate Communication for Jaguar North America so they kindly offered me 2 beautiful Jaguar XJL vehicles to use on our special day. Work is a huge part of my life so it was great that we were able to incorporate that into the wedding as well.

“Although planning the wedding was so much fun, the best part is what comes after. Its the everyday you get to spend with your best friend, creating a new chapter in life together.”

Floral: Adam Leffel Productions

The Holiday’s are Almost Here!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know what that means! The holiday season is starting in a few short weeks and soon we will be stuffing our bellies with turkey (or tofurkey), cranberry sauce and some buttery, garlic mashed potatoes.  But thanksgiving isn’t just about eating or getting great Black Friday Deals, it’s a time for giving thanks and cherishing special moments with your family and friends.  It’s also the perfect time to start thinking about the Christmas or Hanukah shopping you will inevitably have to do fairly soon and getting your holiday cards in order.
Even in the digital age, holiday cards are a treasure. There’s something irreplaceable about that feeling of opening a card in the mail and getting a handwritten note from someone special or someone you haven’t heard from in a while.  Having those cards displayed all around the house is almost as important as the festive christmas tree or the glowing menorah.  You can read them  over and over again by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa or some boozy eggnog and cherish the warm fuzzy feeling of being loved.
 Holday 3

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