Wedding dresses are almost always all white but each dress manages to showcases a unique pattern, stitch, or style that is personal to the bride.  Invitations can be the same way.  White is the classic way to go but the smallest details can bring it to life.  A small gem or shimmering pearl paper gives your invitation a beautiful and elegant look.   


White is also beautiful for any other special events whether it’s a birthday or a christening, the possibilities for simple white invitations are endless. The top right invitation uses a single diamond embellishment on top of lace to give it a fancy but feminine feel. The bottom  right invitation also uses a simple diamond piece on top of a ribbon to achieve a classy look.  Our center invitation is printed vertically on a thick, shimmery paper that feels weighted and luxurious with a small gem accent placed on the flap with monogrammed initials.  We can take any elements that you like to create your perfect invitation. 

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