It’s almost Christmas and Jack Frost has gone on vacation this year but that’s nothing to complain about! The 60’s temperature makes it so much easier and more enjoyable to go holiday shopping and traveling to meet friends and family.  It’s also crunch time now to finish up holiday cards and wrapping presents. If you order by today using overnight express shipping, you can still receive your cards in time for Christmas!

Our custom holiday cards are a beautiful way to share your holiday joy with all of your loved ones whether it’s a Christmas or a New Year’s card.  You can choose to write a simple and elegant personalized note or print your favorite family picture for the year.      

It’s also a great time to browse our New Year and Thank You Note collections which are both on sale! Use code NYTN25 at our online store until 1/4/16 to get 25% off.  Make the holidays extra special for your friends and family by sending them a personalized or handwritten card. 

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday! As always, if you have any upcoming events or weddings you’d like to make custom invitations for, call us at (201) 313-3424 for a consultation or email us at