There’s something very special and beautiful about seeing how weddings are celebrated in various different countries.  A lot of customs have long histories and significant meanings behind them including the clothing worn to the face and body painting that is done.  Each color symbolizes something different and items can be worn in a special order to bring extra happiness, health and/or future fertility to the couple. 

Here are a few weddings from around the world that can give you fresh inspiration for your own wedding.



Invitations By: Couture Ink  Photo Credits:, buzzfeed,, bridalflower


Photo Credits: Alexandra Boulat, Gerd Ludwig, Sam Abell, James Stanfield


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Photo Credits: decoratethetable, olamweddings, See Lizard Photography,

When creating your own wedding, you can be inspired by many of these different weddings from around the world. When you are designing your invitations, you can include a lot of the intricate designs and patterns that are representative of each culture.  

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