Planning a wedding can be stressful.  There are so many details that need to be accounted for and so many decisions that need to be made.  Who gets to sit closest to the bride and groom table? What kind of music should be played? How PG does the bridal shower need to be? Traditional dress or trendy dress? When do invites need to be sent out? How can I get a headcount when people keep verbally RSVPing?! etc…


The good news is, as stressful as it gets, it’s still a fun process and there is no fun like bachelorette party fun! It’s a time when the bride gets to put all of her favorite people from different parts of her life together to have the ultimate (and most likely eternally memorable) party. Many people associate bachelorette parties with heavy drinking and risqué behavior but there is such a thing as a classy send off that doesn’t require blackouts or hangovers.  After all, we want to actually be able to remember those precious memories years down the road.

Here are a few cool and new ideas for the bride’s bachelorette party:


GLAMPING – That’s right. Glamorous camping! This isn’t your average sleeping on rocky dirt and eating cup noodles and drinking terrible coffee type camping.  You can sleep on comfortable sheets, have an indoor bathroom, enjoy the sunset and drink premium wine under the stars. To make it extra special you can pack gourmet foods such as quality cheese and crackers and possibly homemade bourbon vanilla marshmallows. You can also bring pre-made cocktails in mason jars if you don’t want to stick with just wine.  If you bride loves the outdoors, this definitely a way to make her bachelorette extremely memorable!

WINERY TOUR – You don’t have to be in Napa Valley to enjoy wine tastings at a winery.  There are small local wineries located just about anywhere and although the wine quality might vary from one to the other, it can still be fun to explore new places. To make it extra special (and safe) you can rent a limo to take you from one winery to the next.  It’s a bonus if you can stop by any farms along the way to eat some farm fresh food. It’s also always nice to pick up homemade pies, jams, ciders and whatnot.


RENT A BOAT – Not a fishing one, unless your bride is into that… It’s surprisingly affordable if you have enough people and a fun way to have an exclusive party that is classy and relaxing.  There is something very soothing about being on the water with a cocktail in your hand and the breeze blowing through your hair.  Renting your own boat also means you can do whatever you want for those hours including playing those fun bachelorette games and acting as silly as you like without worrying about strangers interfering with your fun.

NEW EXPERIENCE(S) – Your bride may have always wanted to go skydiving, zip lining or horseback riding on the beach but could never find the time.  With websites such as Groupon, Goldstar, and Living Social there’s an unlimited number of unique experiences that could be had.  From hot air balloon festivals to sushi making lessons to pole dancing classes, you should easily be able to find a few different activities to piece together a customized itinerary for your bride.  There’s nothing more fun than having a group of your best friends go through a new experience together.

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When planning the bachelorette party, always be thorough and book everything you can in advance.  Invitations should be sent early so that anyone who needs to book travel can do so with ease.  Invitations should also specify any details on what you might need to bring or have with you so that everyone can be well prepared. If you need custom invitations, contact us at You can also visit our online store HERE.

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