Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honor and a great responsibility.  However, you’re most likely excited more than worried even though you’re not quite sure where to begin.  If you’re lucky there will be more than one of you so you can share the responsibilities and costs but if not, that’s okay too! Each wedding, bride, and bridesmaid group will do things their own way and have different experiences but here is a simple list of bridesmaid basics you can use as a guideline.

Golden Rule: It’s all about the bride. The goal is to make the bride happy and help her achieve her fantasy wedding.

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Bridesmaid Duties:

Bridal Shower – It is up to the bridal party to plan the bridal shower.  Sometimes mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters or other female relatives will offer to pay for or contribute to the costs.  Food, guest list, activities all need to be planned in advanced and well prepared for. A guest list should be finalized a few months before so that proper invites can get sent out to family and friends. The venue, date, and time also need to be finalized before the invites are sent.  Last minute planning can make it difficult for family and friends that live far away to attend, so make sure you’re giving them enough time to make plans.

Tip: Have one of the bridesmaids keep track of presents as they are being opened so the bride will easily be able to send thank you cards.

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Dresses – If the bride is going dress shopping, she will probably want your opinion.  It is a bridesmaid duty to be there if she needs.  As for your own dresses, you will have to wear and pay for what the bride chooses.  Most brides are nice enough to let the bridesmaid decide from a few different options.

Tip: Online shopping for bridesmaid dresses can make the task of choosing and buying infinitely easier. Pick dresses that have simple and easy return policies.

Bachelorette Party – Ask the bride whether she wants a crazy Vegas bachelorette party or a low-key affair. Ask what dates work for her (or surprise her if you know you can) and get a complete guest list. The bridal party is responsible for paying for the bride as well.  Everything else is up to you!  Send invites far in advance if people need to fly or book hotels. 

Tip: Group rates were created for this very sort of thing.  Take advantage when booking flights, hotels, event tickets, etc.


Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner – You can take it easy for these. Just pay attention and enjoy getting to know the rest of the wedding party and family members.

Wedding Day – This is the most important part of it all.  Make sure to be prepared to help with any last minute jitters, technical issues, or emotional moments.  You should be doing your best to allow the bride to enjoy her special day without worrying about botched seating arrangements, late photographers, or whatnot.  Have bandaids on hand because you’re most likely going to be running around a lot and your shoes are probably not very worn in.

Tip: Eat a large breakfast and carry around a protein bar of some sort. Between hair, makeup, getting to the venue, and making sure everything is just right, you’re most likely not going to have a lot of time to eat. 

Finally, don’t forget to get a wedding present, Your services as a bridesmaid do not mean you are exempt from giving a gift.  You can even team together with the other bridesmaids to get a very special mega-gift.

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