Halloween isn’t just a candy-filled holiday for kids.  It once started out as a ritualistic festival that was held every year before winter came.  There was a mythical belief that during this time, spirits and souls from the other world would come over and wreak havoc on the living.  Halloween was a way for the people to give offerings and pray to the many gods to protect them during this time so that their harvest for the next year would be protected and they would survive the harsh winter.  People would also play pranks to imitate the mischievous spirits which still occurs today on Mischief Night.


The ancient Halloween eventually turned into All Hallow’s Eve or All Saint’s Eve which is a yearly remembrance of all who have passed or from the rituals  People would go to graveyards and sit by their loved ones with candles and prayers through the night. Special cakes would be baked and people would feast on apples and other autumn crops. Costumes became integrated into the celebrations and that’s how the modern Halloween was born. 

A Halloween party doesn’t have to be bowls of spiked, fruit punch and bowls of mini hershey’s and snickers bars.  It doesn’t even have to have pumpkins! Here’s how you can throw an amazing Halloween Party for adults.

COSTUME/Dress: Instead of the typical Party City costumes, you can make your event more elegant by giving your guests beautiful masks at the entrance and asking them to dress in either all black or all white.

DRINKS: Offer seasonal craft beers (pumpkin ales are especially delicious and only available this time of year) instead of the usual Bud, Coors, Miller combination.  You can also create a blood red sangria with a deep, red wine and plenty of red fruits (black cherries, raspberries, red apples.)

SNACKS: Instead of buying the mixed bag of cheap candy, make (or buy) individual sweets such as pumpkin cheeseceake shortbread squares,  spiced caramel popcorn, dark chocolate cherry truffles, etc.

ACTIVITY: For adults, usually just mingling with a few good cocktails is enough for entertainment, but if you want to make it extra fun, you can host a murder mystery night. Instructions HERE.

No matter what variation of this Halloween party you decide to do, don’t forget to send invites! It’s important to know how many guests you will have so that you can prepare accordingly (especially for a murder mystery night!) Contact us for help with last minute invites!


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Photo Credit 1: winderemere.com