Bridal showers (and bachelorette parties) are generally where the bridal party gets to have some creative control and fun. Traditionally, the bridal showers are more conservative as family members are usually invited – moms, grandmothers, aunts, etc. and it is held during the day, usually during the early to mid afternoon hours, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring!  If you plan correctly, a bridal shower can be turned into a really memorable, elegant affair.


A lot of bridal parties opt to hold a bridal shower at a restaurant so that they don’t have to worry about making food or catering, but whether or not you’re in a restaurant space or one of the bridesmaid’s homes, you can still use some of these ideas.

Tea Party Shower – The tea party theme is frequently used for showers because it is both fun and fancy. You can really elevate the party by making sure the food is high quality and plated beautifully on the buffet table. Decorations should be beautiful tea pots and tea cups with flowers to match on each table.  The dessert table is especially key to completing the look and can have a whole spread including tea cakes, scones, cake pops, cake, cookies, macaroons, etc. that are the same color theme as the rest of the decorations. Don’t forget to specify the proper dress code to make it even more fun in your invites!

Whiskey Shower – Does your bride (and groom) like whiskey? Or maybe scotch? Whatever their alcohol preference is, you can create the shower to have a fruit and snack bar with some small bites that complement a whiskey (or whatever alcohol you are using) tasting. For presents you can ask that the guests bring a nice bottle whiskey so that the bride and groom can start building a collection for their future home.  This is especially fun great for co-ed showers.

Fancy Wine/Cheese Shower – This is a time for your foodie bride (and the lucky bridal party and guests) to enjoy some high quality cheeses, wines and charcuterie.  Cheese and charcuterie boards can be arranged on the table with customized wine glasses to commemorate the event for each guest.  You can have a dessert spread that includes luxurious chocolates, truffles, mini cheesecakes. There’s pretty much nothing that doesn’t go well with wine!

Spa and Beauty Shower – For smaller parties, a spa and beauty shower can be both relaxing and fun.  Have a mani/pedi station set up on the side of the room and for the main portion of the event, everyone can make their own scrubs, elixirs and scented oils to bring home with them.  For prizes you can give away fancy beauty products or a trip to the real spa.  It’s the perfect way to create some homemade and relaxing beauty products for all of the women who will be at the wedding.  Add some colorful cocktails and some champagne to create the perfect spa atmosphere.

Whatever theme you decide to go with, always remember that the bride is the focus. You may want a fancy party, but your bride may be low key and want to go camping instead. As long as you remember to cater the party to the right audience your bride will have a spectacular shower  that she can thank you for and remember for the rest of her days.

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