You just said yes to your future foreverman, your other half, your Fiancé – you’re probably still getting used to that word… now comes the fun and exciting part of planning your ultimate dream wedding! Of course, in order to do that you need your best girls to back you up, so the question is; how are you going to ask them?

 Being a bridesmaid is a large responsibility that includes everything from planning your bridal shower and bachelorette party to being your go-to team for the wedding itself.  Bridesmaids are also the ones you can turn to after you get married to ask for advice and get emotional support.  In addition, the Maid-of-Honor is the one who will stay up late and go through your ten million dress choices with you and help put out the flames of stress over what makeup looks better and whether or not you should have your hair up or down.  They will let you cry on their shoulder over the frustration of seating charts and potential family drama.  So… when you pop the question, you should put some care and thought into asking nicely!

Here are a few cute ways you could ask:

diybridesmaid box

Bridesmaid Box: Put a few choice photos, a thoughtful letter, a checklist of wedding related information, and a save the date or card with your wedding website. Decorate the box in whichever personalized manner you choose. You can also add small items such as a color themed nail polish or personalized piece of jewelry to make it really special.


Girls Spa Day: You can set up a spa day at your house (or a professional spa if you prefer) with face masks, manicures/pedicures, and scrubs. You can make homemade scrubs with personalized labels to give to each girl when you are officially asking.  It’s practical, sweet and great for getting the wedding preparations started! 


Dessert and Wine Bar: Have your girls come over and set up a wine bar with some of your favorite desserts.  You can hand out personalized wine bottles that ask the question.  Labels can be printed and placed on bottles of your favorite wines.  Who can say no to a night of wine, desserts, and reminiscing with old friends?


And don’t forget, no matter how you ask, it’s always nice to have things in writing. Each invite should include a card officially asking the question.  Contact us to design your own personal bridesmaid ask cards! (As well as Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party Invites!)

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