The school semester has started, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and everything is flavored with pumpkin spice: it must be Autumn!  Theres nothing quite like Fall with so many smells, foods, and holidays to represent the beautiful season.  You can almost smell the warm, mulled cider, and fresh gingerbread cookies on the side.  Its no wonder its such a popular time time of the year for weddings and other special events!

If youre hosting an event and are looking for creative and different autumn inspired invitations ideas, here are a few:


Leaf Cut Outs: Theres something mesmerizing about looking at a long line of beautiful fall foliage. The color spectrum covers everything in the red, yellow, orange and brown realm.  The evergreens and unchanging greens also give a special accent.  Instead of just printing your invitation on plain rectangular invite, use leaf cutouts to give a little more color and depth.  Your Location/Directions card and guest RSVP card can be different shades of red, orange or yellow and tied with a woodsy string to bring it all together.


Background Print: Any bright shade of white is always classy when it comes to invitations, but if you want yours to be a little more Fall themed, you can print your invitation on a background that is slightly textured with earthy colors or maybe even a grayish brown wood. Watercolor leaves and/or trees are also a beautiful way to accent your invite without overwhelming it with too much color. Above is an example of thermography printing which is a process that gives your invitations a raised/3D effect of being engraved.


Emboss/Foil or any other metallic accents: If you want to stick with a solid colored invitation, a nice way to give it a little extra sparkle is to add foil or emboss leaf prints onto the border of your invitation.  Gold leaf foils can be abstract and not necessarily in the shape of a leaf, but surround a tree to represent leaves.
Whether you use any of these ideas, or come up with your own, let us help you create the perfect invitation to compliment your special event. Contact us today to schedule your invitation appointment to view our collections and learn more about our services!

Photo 1 Credit: Alida Saxon