It is common these days to see a lot of different and new traditions when it comes to weddings.  Bride and groom wear matching sneakers instead of the usual fancy shoes, there is a dessert bar instead of a large wedding cake, flash mob dances are performed instead of traditional dances, and venues are changing from churches and religious settings to barns, restaurants, or public spaces like museums or zoos.

Weddings are becoming more unique and personalized affairs but no matter how fancy, casual, or different, one thing should be the same; how you invite your guests.  Any bride knows one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding (after finalizing the guest list) is figuring out how to address your guests. Are they Ms. or Mrs.? Whose first name is addressed when mailing an invitation to a couple? What if you’re not sure about their job title such as Dr. or Esq.? What is your friend’s actual full name?! It’s hard enough just trying to track down everyone’s address… 


With so many other stressful things to deal with for your wedding, Here is a list of general rules to abide by when addressing your guests.

Full names – Always write out full names and titles on the envelope. It’s okay to be more informal  if you are including an inner envelope.


Married Couples – Name the person you are closest too first, then their significant other. If you’re equally close to both, write the names alphabetically. If you do not know the significant other, write Mr. and Mrs. Name of the Person you are inviting.


Same-Sex Couples – Rules are the same for married or unmarried couples.

Titles – If you are inviting a couple and one is a Dr., the Dr. should be listed first.  Be careful of using the correct name if the Dr. is female and doesn’t go by her husband’s last name professionally.


Kids – Any guests 18 or over should get their own invite. If you are inviting children that are still living at home, make sure to list their names in a separate line under the parents.

In addition to assisting you with your addressing, we also offer Calligraphy services and our Stamp, Seal & Deliver Service.  After your envelopes have been printed, we make sure that all components of your invitation are properly stuffed, sealed and mailed to your guests.

It may seem like a lot, but don’t worry too much – we are here to help.

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