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Mine!!  I was recently given a this beautiful piece of furniture, that has been in my family for over three decades!!  So practically since I was born – a long time ago!  When I received the chair, naturally, I was immediately inspired for my next design through the hand-carved wood that frames this chair.  What I didn’t realize, well not right anyway, it wasn’t just the carvings that inspired me.  I actually had part in the very inspiration, I now received.  Like a flip book, (still amazed by those) the memories flooded in and my brain instantly became my thumb, flipping through series of visions including one of my late nene Rose sitting on that chair, laughing and sharing stories, keeping us all entertained! It was then I understood, I gained much more than inspiration.

This chair represents so much of what my family has gone through and accomplished.  I couldn’t help but look at the chair and see what perfect condition it was in, yet is covered in years of laughter, sadness, accomplishments, family moments, the list goes on and on.  I remember opening christmas presents (the much-anticipated cabbage patch dolls, remember those?) with my sisters, while sitting squeezed together on this single chair.

I know, it may seem small in concept – A Chair. Big Deal!  But it’s more than a piece of furniture.  It stands for what is meaningful, important, and cherished.  A chair aged but timeless, vulnerable but resilient, ancestral but present.

Along with the chair comes a new sense of accomplishment.  Having this heirloom, to enjoy and see everyday in my home, is reminiscent of my family’s history and where we are today and who we have become.  Like this chair, we have all been loved and wanted, used and forgotten, lifted up and put down, protected and saved.  But what I value most about this chair, is the wisdom I have acquired.  I am now wiser then yesterday and less curious about tomorrow, remaining in the present.  Heck, I bet this chair, if possible, wouldn’t have thought it would still be around after all this time.  I for one, am so very glad it is.

Happy Friday and hope you have an inspiring and memorable weekend!


Posted by Robin Marino