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STYLE is self-expression, but you have to have a self to express,”- Lucinda Chambers

With every new invitation design I begin, I search for inspiration. I find myself looking into different time periods and seeking out the styles and inspirations that erected from that specific time. With every new design, I always seem to wonder how future generations will view our era?  What style will we be remembered for?  Modernism? Transitional?  What style am I?  Do I have just one? I kind of love them all! I started with the ones that stand out to me most to see, do I like one more than the other?  Maybe my fashion style differs from my home decor?

When I think of the late 1800’s and I seek for inspiration, I come across the gorgeous Art Nouveau style of art.  A style that consisted of writhing forms, curving lines, and asymmetrical organization. Some critics refer to Art Nouveau as the first stage of modern architecture.

When I think of the 1920’s – I think of Coco Chanel and the flapper movement, breathable fabrics, short hemlines and of course, pearls…UBER sophistication. An interesting combination of traditional motifs and machine age elements make-up this art deco style, depicted by geometric shapes, opulent colors, and lavish details.  The gorgeous New York Chrysler Building is a prime example of this style.  If you haven’t seen it in person, you must make a point to visit!

As I think of the 1970’s, I have visions of polyester – lots of polyester – bright colors, platform shoes paired with nothing else but – wait for it- bell bottoms! Oh what a fun era that must have been! The fun or should I say, playfulness, continued into the style of art – Postmodernism. Philosophy, culture, art, literature, history and literary criticism are the basis for skeptical interpretations in creating works of Postmodernism Art.

FINALLY, one I lived through, the 1980’s! When I think back to the times I sat on my mother’s bed and watched her get ready for a night out with my dad, I remember her wearing her oversized blouse – not short of shoulder pads – paired with bright-colored stretch pants. She would complete the look with large pendant earrings and a matching necklace, which she had to snatch back from me. Yup, I was that kid! 😊  But in my opinion, the art of this decade exceeded the fashion. Rejuvenated from origins of German Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism – The Neo-Expressionism style of art was born.  This form of art included elements of figurations, emotion, symbolism, and narrative. Artists would use sensory colors, and join the themes associated with these many historical styles and movements.

So…what style do you love most?  What style clothes are in your closet have?  What style will your next invitation look like?

STYLE is self-expression, but you have to have a self to express,” said Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers.  This quote is a snippet from a great article written by Ella Alexander and Lisa Niven – Personal Style And Do You Have It?.  Read and watch the accompanied video from Vogue Festival’s first talk of the day, for advice on how to find your own style.  I did, and it got my wheels turning…

Email us!!  We would love to know what you determine to be your style!


Posted by Robin Marino