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As many of loyal blog readers know, my wedding came and went on June 14 – and it was the absolute best day of my life.

I can honestly say that NOTHING that has happened in my life was better than 6.14.14.  My husband (that’s so weird to call him that!) and I were beyond overjoyed with all the love we received from our family and friends and are forever thankful for everyone who traveled near and far to get there. It was indescribable and special to have every person we love in one room at the same time.

Since that wonderful day, I have had countless conversations with my friends and family about our wedding day; however what’s the one thing I can’t help but think when I have these conversations?

never want to do it again.

I’ll admit that I thought I’d be depressed when it was all over – I’d never wear the dress again.  I’d never have that moment with my father again. I’ll never cut a wedding cake again.  All of those things came into my mind.  However, as the weeks have gone by and I’ve thought about the entire year and a half planning process – I did not feel that way.  At ALL.

For a while, I thought there was something wrong with me.  I continuously found myself thinking – Was it wrong that I didn’t want to relive that day? Was there something off with me that I didn’t want to put on my dress and veil again and dance with my husband?  Am I a bad wife because I’m honestly just over it? I felt like a horrible person for even thinking some of these things.

…Until I read this article from HUFFPOST WEDDINGS that came out last week.  Written by a newlywed, the author describes not only what I went through, but EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling.  Stressing out about the weather up until a few moments before the ceremony? Guilty! Caring what people think and thinking EVERYONE will know if something goes wrong?! Yup – been there – done that.  Her words struck a chord and made me feel right at home 🙂

Listen – things sometimes go a wry on your big day and you just need to remember to roll with the punches (Couture ink‘s founder and owner, Robin Marino, told me that from day one!).  Life is waaaaaay too short for you to stress over the little things and not look at the big picture.  I know what you’re thinking – “easy for her to say now”.  But I swear – it’s the TRUTH!

June 14th was the best day ever for me, but all the stress and anxiety I gave myself along the planning experience is something I have sworn to not only myself, but my new hubby, that I’ll NEVER allow to happen again.  …Or at least I’m going to make it my duty that it doesn’t happen 🙂


The New Mrs. Gina Evans