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In case you haven’t noticed, engagement season is upon us. Between the holidays, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, love IS so very much in the air. In fact, for a while I couldn’t scroll through my Facebook news feed without seeing a pic of a friend’s shiny, new rock. I LOVE this time of year and not-so-ironically enough, my fiancé and I got engaged one year ago this weekend 😉

Once the engagement started to set in and I stopped staring at my ring finger (!!), we began thinking about when we wanted to tie the knot. Naturally, I’ve been planning my wedding since I was 9, but I had to remember that it wasn’t ONLY about me. It started out as a struggle – I hate the cold, he can’t stand the thought of missing a football game in the fall for September or October nuptials (no joke) where as I’ve always dreamt of September nuptials…the list went on and on and we could NOT come up with a compromise.

Finally the two of us sat down and thought about “us”. We started asking ourselves – what time of year makes us the happiest? Do either one of us have significant dates in our lives? What time of year is best for roses? …Ok, ok – you got me! I asked that one…but regardless we finally came up with a conclusion — we chose our date based on a significant number.

My two favorite numbers are 5 and 17. The address to my childhood home has both of those numbers and there are various other significant reasons as to why that date worked for us. My fiancé was on-board, too, and before we knew it – we had the date – 5.17.14.

Think it’s that easy, huh? NOPE! After finding the church of our dreams and our perfect reception venue, our hearts were crushed. Sadly, our church was not available that day, where as  our venue was! I was so sad – it took us a while to come up with what we thought was the perfect date and BOOM! Just like that we were back to the drawing board…

We went through the process again and settled on another date just a few weeks after 5.17.14 – 6.14.14. Not only were the church and venue available on this summer Saturday BUT after we chose it, we remembered a few things:
1) Father’s Day. 6.15 is Father’s Day and we both loved the idea of semi-sharing our special weekend with our dads.
2) Our trip to Italy in June 2012. We took the trip of a lifetime that June and we left for the trip on June 14.
3) 1+4 = 5. If you really think about it, we have the number 5 twice in our wedding date. Okay, okay – it’s a stretch, but it made sense to us and we’re going with it 🙂

In honor of my “engagement anniversary” I wanted to share my (semi-dramatic) story as to how we chose our wedding date. Every couple is different – some choose their date on when it’s best for their jobs, perhaps a significant time in their life, when their favorite flower is in-season, what colors are best for a specific time of year, etc, etc…

BUT if there’s anything I hope to shine through this post, it’s to make the date YOURS. It’s your day and regardless of the actual number on the calendar, it’s about you, your fiancé and the love you both have for each other. It’s SO, SO easy to get wrapped up in the little things like dates and numbers; however in the end, it’s ALL about the three things I mention above.

Happy Planning!!


Posted by Gina Galatro


Moments after my fiancé proposed on February 9, 2013.