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Let’s face it – we live in a busy world!  Whether we’re rushing to work just to race through the day, taking care of our children or simply trying to get through the tasks-of-the-day,  we’re all moving at a the speed of light.

I’ve found that it’s a very rare day when I can take a moment and open my eyes to my surroundings.  I decided to take the advice of my friends and family and began to open my eyes – all to become more inspired.  So, for the past few weeks I’ve secretly been conducting my own experiment.

As part of my quest to stop and smell the roses, I took a leisurely walk around my town SANS iPod.  For me – that was a HUGE step!  I’ll admit – at first it was strange to hear birds chirping, dogs barking, fellow afternoon walkers chatting and the hustle and bustle of cars around me.  But – after a while – I got used to it and ACTUALLY liked it! Who knew?!?

As I was doing my experiment, I found that I became more and more inspired.  The colorful leaves got me to thinking how we could create a fall-inspired invitation incorporating their beautiful colors and shapes, the NYC skyline had me dreaming of silhouette and textures for stationery and even the colors of the sky had me thinking of creating custom jewel-tone pieces for clients.  Even better?  I started  thinking of my wedding invitation and how we could tie-in colors I had fallen in love with during my stroll into my invite.  Honestly?  It was awesome and I couldn’t wait to tell Robin!!

I could go on-and-on about my revelation, but I’ll spare you the details (although if you want to know more, definitely in-box us :-)).  My point is – once I was able to take a minute, breathe and take a closer look at my surroundings, I was able to see that life itself is an inspiration.  Whether we create custom stationery or work on Wall Street, we can all take a moment to find the inspiration around us and apply to both our professional and personal lives.

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out how my inspirations translate into our custom pieces, but in the meantime, try to take some time for yourself to stop and smell the roses.  With life moving so fast and with the holidays RIGHT around the corner, you’ll be happy you did – I promise 🙂


Some pics from my inspirational journey:

photo photo2

Posted by Gina Galatro