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After my fiancé and I became engaged, my mother kept asking me if I wanted to attend a bridal show with her.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Me – “Bridal Show”?  “Is that something brides do and if so, what goes on at these events”?

Mom – “I’m really not sure but so-and-so’s mom suggested we go…”

You get the idea.

Since I’m an only child and this is all new to both she and I, we found ourselves torn whether or not this was something we should attend.

Couture ink was fortunate enough to attend Macaluso’s Bridal Show last Wednesday evening.  We were among the many fabulous vendors who were lucky enough to showcase their offerings and speak with brides, grooms and parents about their upcoming nuptials.  We were even able to conduct sit-down meetings with couples and hammer out the details for their dream invitation suite.  It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed meeting everyone!

As you read above, I’ve questioned whether-or-not bridal shows are a “to-do”.  I became concerned that I’d be overwhelmed with what I would need to-do or not-do for my big day and was also concerned that vendors would push me to sign my life away for a service I wasn’t 100% sure my fiancé and I wanted to have at our dream wedding.

Well – after attending the bridal show as a vendor – I can honestly tell engaged couples that bridal shows are DEFINITELY not an event to miss!  Not only are you able to meet with potential vendors (stationers, florists, photographers, videographers, hotels, etc) but you’re able to check-out a potential venue and nosh on their food, too!  The folks at Macaluso’s did an amazing job and guests were welcomed to tour the grounds and get a better idea of what a wedding there would be like.  It was fantastic and I wish I would have gone to one as a bride myself!

So – if you’re contemplating on attending an upcoming show in your area OR at your wedding venue, run, don’t walk there!  You’ll be glad you did and your fiancé will love it because not only will he be fed amazing food BUT you’ll both have the opportunity to book all of your vendors in one shot!!

I should have listened to mom 🙂


Thanks, Macaluso’s for a GREAT Bridal Show!