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Good Monday and happy week-of Halloween, friends!

We think the only thing scarier than forgetting about the cost of postage on your invitations and response cards are clowns.  No seriously though — we’re frightened by them…

…but we digress…Last week we spoke about hand canceling each of your gorgeous stamps, but this week we want to bring up the importance of postage.  Stamps and their cost are two items that many of our clients put in the back of their mind.  It really isn’t until the invitations are ready-to-go out the door that many (yours truly included) remember about the stamps that are to go on both the invitation and rsvp envelope.

It’s important for you to weigh your invitations before ordering stamps.  Take one envelope and fill it with your invite, response card and envelope along with any inserts you plan on including, as well.  Make sure not to forget anything 🙂

Bring your gorgeous, ready-to-go invite to your local Post Office and ask an employee to weigh it for you.  From there, you can decide if you’d like to order stamps right then and there OR order a custom stamp instead.  The important thing is to have the total cost of the entire invitation!  Remember – if your invitation is on the heavier side that you may need to place more than one stamp on the envelope.  That said – you might consider purchasing a custom stamp with the proper denomination vs. putting multiple stamps on the invitation.  This isn’t always possible; however definitely something to consider. …And (just like hand canceling), we can handle this simple task for you with our Stamp, Seal, Deliver Service.

Here are a few custom stamps worth checking out:


So there you have it.  Scarier than a clown?  Not-so-much.  More like easier than dressing up for Halloween and going door-to-door for candy.  Just make sure you factor in the cost of stamps into your invitation budget and remember to weigh the invite before purchasing stamps, too.


Posted by Gina Galatro