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Is there anything better than receiving a gorgeous invitation in the mail?  You know what I’m referring to – a beautiful envelope, properly addressed to you with a stamp (maybe a custom stamp?) neatly pressed on the top right-hand corner of the package.  Ahhh – the thought of it makes us swoon!

But we get it – not EVERYONE is as obsessed with custom stationery as we are here at Couture ink 🙂 Still though – we want each of your guests to have that same “butterflies” feeling when they receive your invitation in the mail.  …And there is one thing you need to do to give them that feeling.  In addition to addressing your envelopes by hand or computer calligraphy, the best thing for you to do is to hand cancel your stamps.  Stay with me on this – trust me – it all makes sense…

If you’re not aware, the Post Office has to cancel stamps so that no one else can use them again.  Unless you hand cancel each one of your envelopes with a USPS hand stamp, your Post Office will have to run your stunning, crisp, custom-stamped envelope through a machine, which may cause the envelope to bend, crease and dare we say it – rip!!  The thought of it brings a tear to our eye.

It sounds much more complicated than it really is.  I know, too, because the first time I hand canceled stamps, I was a little intimidated.  I kept asking myself, “Will the post man/woman think I’m nuts?”. “Is it legal for me to do this?”. “What if I don’t get the stamp on enough of the stamp?”. The list in my head went on and on but in reality, it was totally fine.

When you’re ready to mail your invites, you can simply pack-up your ready-to-go, gorgeous invites, bring them to the Post Office and ask an employee if you can borrow the hand stamp to hand-cancel each of your stamps.  You can explain that these are your ______________ (fill in the blank – wedding, Bat Mitzvah, christening) invitations and you prefer to do these by hand so the worst doesn’t happen in the machine.  One-by-one you can cancel your stamps (remember to cancel each stamp that’s on your envelope) and rest assured that your guests will receive your invitations just as they are  – gorgeous and hand-stamped .

Alternatively, we offer a Stamp, Seal and Deliver service for each client.  Through this service, we handle the stuffing and sealing of your envelopes, applying postage to rsvp and mailing envelopes, delivering to the Post Office and hand canceling each envelope.

…And after all is said and done, your guests will get butterflies, too.


Posted by Gina Galatro