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On Thursday we shot a video with our friends at Landmark Hospitality (love them!) focused on wedding invitation mistakes.  The video shoot got us thinking how easy it is for brides and grooms to stress over the little things.

As a bride-to-be (I’m getting married in June), I’ve already had countless nightmares about things that can go wrong on the big day. The most recent was about flowers. I dreamt that my florist delivered blue Gerber Daisies instead of the white floral arrangements I ordered. When I confronted her, she acted like she didn’t hear me and told me to, “get over it.” I woke up in a cold sweat. Seriously. Prior to that, I dreamt my venue forgot all about our wedding and when we showed up, they told us all to leave. We ended up having our reception at a McDonald’s parking lot. True. Story.

My point is – why am I already stressing over these things when a) They are completely irrational b) My wedding is nine months away and c) I’m working with professional, fabulous vendors who will deliver my order correctly! It can drive a woman insane — especially a Type A personality like myself…

As both a former bride and owner of Couture ink, Robin, keeps telling me two things — enjoy the moment and come to peace with the fact that hiccups can (and will) happen prior-to and during the big day.  She also gave me more sound advice — get on top of your guest list, save the dates and invitations EARLY!  It’s an added stress that you can avoid! …And she was RIGHT! This summer, I completed my guest list, ordered my saved the dates and I’m now I’m in the process of purchasing my invitations (once I make up my mind!).  Since then,  felt like, “Okay – I got this.”

Sure — I still have a ton of things to get done by the time I become a Mrs. and sure – I’ll still have dreams that my fairytale wedding is turning into a nightmare, BUT I constantly keep repeating Robin’s advice and understand that my fears are irrational and I need to just go with the flow and enjoy the moment!

We’ll be posting Robin’s video once it’s complete – which will help other soon-to-be brides.  But until then — remember to take it all in and what the big day is all about — your marriage!



Posted by Gina Galatro