Creating any custom invitation starts simply with picking a theme, element(s) or color scheme.  Once we determine a foundation for the invitation, we then combine the design ideas to bring your vision to life!

When we at Couture ink, design bar and bat mitzvah invitations we have a blast! We have great brainstorming sessions creating themes, designs, and custom logos that represent our bar and bat mitzvah boys and girls.  Incorporating a theme into a design is a great way to set the tone for your event and to allow your personality to shine through!  Whether you are a sports fan, music buff, art lover, embellisher, etc…we can design your invitation to represent your passion, by still incorporating your favorite design elements.

The invitation featured, was for our bat mitzvah girl, Taylor! She wanted to play in her favorite color purple with her favorite design element, bling!  We based this invitation on a design created by our friends at b.t. elements.  We took the simple but elegant design and added some “Taylor” to it.  We started with a square purple pocket folder, added a silver ribbon and initial tag.  Our printed invitation piece was mounted to a shimmer silver layer, that is then mounted to the pocket folder.  Adding the final touches of two Swarovski crystals and rsvp enclosures to fit into our designated pocket, our Bat Mitzvah invitation was complete!

The Couture ink team is filled with excitement to enter the Mitzvah season once again and are bringing with us new ideas to help set the tone for your dream event! Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

as always,

sealed with couture…