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We love embellishing period! but we REALLY love embellishing when we are using “foil stamping.”

A little bit of history…

“More than 4000 years ago, there was a practice in ancient Egypt, to hammer and beat gold till it achieved a thinness of only 0.0001 mm. This beat gold was then used to embellish mummies and also in the decoration of arms, coffins, and other substances.

In the Middle Ages, there were mechanical machines that were used for printing. Some monks started using these machines and the beat gold to print their books to classify them. But the gold was not used directly for stamping. First, only the leather bound books were stamped with the machines to emboss the leather. Once the design was created on the leather, the beat gold was added to the stamping by hand.

This was the earliest form of foil stamping and was prevalent till the start of the 19th century. At such time, in order to simplify the addition of beat gold to the stamped design, the gold was fixed on to paper, and entire paper rolls with gold were created. Now, in order to remove the gold from the paper and transfer it to the stamped imprint, heat was used to simplify the process. The heat did the dual job of removing the gold from the paper and also making it stick better onto the intended surface.

As beat gold was very expensive to use, finally at the start of the 20th century, different types of metallic foils started to be produced to be used in place of beat gold for stamping. Thus evolved the process of foil stamping.

Today, foil stamping has found many applications and is increasing in popularity as a method of printing.”source

So anything that is still around from 4000 years ago must be here to stay and we are glad it is!!  We know any event is better with a little bling here and there, right ladies?

If you caught our last blog, you saw we debuted the new exquisite designs from our friends at Dauphine Press!  The main element in most of the designs are using the technique of foil stamping combined with letterpress which they launched in May 2011.

“When we launched foil stamping in May 2011, we started with a traditional palette. Over the past year+, foil paired with letterpress has become very popular here at Dauphine Press. This year with the addition of our new colored foil options {not to mention how fabulous they are with our new duplexing options!}, we can’t wait to see all of the customizations you come up with.”-Dauphine Press

Customizing your own invitation can be difficult, but with the right help at Couture ink and endless design options like foil stamping, you can design away!

Take a look at the different foil colors available from Dauphine Press and we invite you to visit us at Couture ink to start designing your special invitation!

as always sealed with couture….