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We were so thrilled to have received the new invitation suites and ink colors from our friends at Dauphine Press!  The new suites include various prints brought to life with foil stamping and edge color painting along with letterpress printing!  A combination destined for success!!  The first suite we feature is the amazing CALISTOGA.  This suite highlights a deep impression on the Dauphine Press double-thick premium letterpress stock. The Calistoga suite is the perfect medium between traditional and modern!

Next up is one of our personal favorites here at Couture ink, the FAIRFIELD! Featured in this invitation suite is the romantic lattice pattern in Mist foil.  An exquisite way to add sparkle to your event!  The Luxe Board duplexed stock creates a beautiful canvas for the foil printed pattern and calligraphic typeface. As we know, no outfit is complete without the perfect accessory, which is why our brilliant friends added gold edge painting to complete the ensemble! We are in love!

Another stunning design new to the family, is the STINSON!  An exciting twist to our beloved contemporary style is the layers of textures and metallics into the Stinson suite.  Platinum foil and traditional letterpress ink printed on the new Dauphine Press Elegant duplexed stock makes this the ideal invitation for an elegant affair!

Last but certainly not least, is the HAMILTON suite!  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!! “This suite is traditional at heart, but oh so contemporary in color and shine. Pairing a rare foil color with colored paper and a punch of matching edge painting is one of our favorite recipes for vintage with a twist.”-Dauphine Press

Contact us to schedule an appointment and meet our new family members along with many of our other collections!

-sealed with couture