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Hello!  My name is Robin Marino and I am one of the owners of Couture ink, a custom invitation and accessories company located in Ridgefield, New Jersey, just minutes from New York City!  Although we have been around for a few years, this is our first blog!  I know, you’re probably thinking, what took us so long! Our answer, “we don’t have an answer…because we don’t know either!”  Although, in our defense, I will say that our main mission is and always will be, to make our clients our first priority.  Thankfully, we have been blessed by staying busy and keeping that promise!

With that said, we are here now (better late than never) and we are ready to share our work, experiences, and the main objective for this particular blog, our inspirations!

So let us begin!

The CI team shares one goal and that is to pick the brains of our clients in helping them determine the essence of their affair, customizing their design and then delivering them, with what will be the invitation that will set the tone for their event.  This can be a very difficult task for some; however, we always achieve our goals at Couture ink! We do need to give credit to all those who help us achieve that goal and provide us with inspiration everyday.  Whether it be in design, fashion, foods, automobiles, the latest in trends, entertainment…you get the point, our influences are endless!   Our colleagues, fellow stationers, and inspirational bloggers, also help mold our vision, through their work, creativity and insight.  This has contributed to our success on many levels and we continue to be grateful for their artistry.  We now are determined to use this platform to do exactly the same!

What has always been the key in sparking our creativity when creating a custom invitation, is to begin by developing an inspiration board.  A tool that can aid in plotting visual ideas to map out a clear direction to produce a unique invitation.   We keep an eye out for elements that we can carry into a design, such as but not limited to, colors, fabrics, patterns, graphics, typeset, embellishments, and style.  Once all of our findings are on one board, we can now start to visualize an exact concept.  At this point, we can begin to execute a piece of paperware, that will represent a memory for years to come!

The inspiration board above, was the result of a brainstorming effort, which we created based on our clients color scheme of greens and pinks.  We thought the perfect invitation for them would be the featured Larkspur letterpress invitation with gold foil stamping, that was created by our dear friends at Dauphine Press and printed in their sea-foam ink.  Stay tuned for our future blogs to see what Madison and Jonathan pick for their big day!

The Couture ink team is ecstatic to share these adventures with all of you and to allow our blog to be a storybook for each one of our journeys.  Dreaming up the exquisite invitations for our fabulous clients, is a blessing we endeavor everyday at our jobs!